What to Expect at our Worship Services


Here are some questions below and the answers. Of course, while we are giving you the basics, we hope and pray that what you can expect is a worshipful service in which God draws you closer to Him. 


What to Expect for Church Service

  • What are your church services like?  
    • Our services are primarily centered around singing and the preaching of the Word, with a special feature for children, called Children’s story.  (We have the usual announcements and offering collection, and occasional child dedication or baptism. Every three months we take part in the Lord’s Supper, having an open invite to all that would like participate.) 
    • After the vast majority of church services, we then have a Fellowship Luncheon for all our members and guests. No need to bring dish; it’s all taken care of. Just come, enjoy, and fellowship. 
  • How long are our services? 
    • Our service are typically 1 1/2 hours, starting at 10:40 and end around 12:10, give or take 10 minutes.  
  • What is your style of worship? 
    • We are a Protestant Denomination, with an emphasis on preaching and singing. Our singing includes a mix of hymns and praise songs. Our preaching is focused on Jesus and the Scriptures.
  • What is typical attire? 
    • Just come as you are. Many people dress up for church, and many people dress more casual. It’s up to you. 
  • Is child care available?  
    • Yes and No. 
    • There is no dedicated children’s program during the church service time from 10:40-12:00. But we have a strong emphasis on children’s ministry, which includes Bible classes for all ages of children/youth, prior to the service, at 9:30-10:30 am. 
    • During the church service, we offer a special room joined to the Sanctuary with a glass divider to give parents a dedicated, sound-proof room, allowing their child(ren) a chance to make noise. 
    • Many families have a strong desire to give their children a habit of worshiping cross-generationally. Realizing this can be tough with squirming kids, we offer handbags with quiet toys to occupy children. 
    • You’ll find a welcoming environment for children in our services. There are many families, and we’d very much rather have a church service with active children than a quiet one without them. Both pastors of our church have young toddler-aged children and are very understanding. 

What to Expect for Bible Classes

  • What are your Bible Classes? 
    • Also known as Sabbath School Classes, we have hour-long classes that fit the age and interest of children from birth to adult. Each class is age-appropriate that either focuses on teaching through songs, activities, and Bible lessons, or on studying/discussion of the weekly Biblical lesson for adults
  • How long are the Bible Classes? 
    • One hour, from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. 
  • Is Child Care Available? 
    • Yes, Classes are offered for children of all ages. (Infant and toddler ages require a parent to stay present.)