Church Service Online & Occasional Weather-permitting Outdoor Services

Sometimes, the weather permits an outdoor church service, and this Sabbath, December 5, is looking warm enough for an outdoor, parking lot church service.  Bring your lawn chair and dress warm. We’ll be singing and preaching outside, in person.  Don't worry, we will still stream the service at 11 am. 

Who knows what the weather will permit next week? So take advantage as these outdoor services. 


As many of you know, California has reclassified our county as a purple tier. This purple classification restricts churches from meeting indoors. Thus we will stream our live church service at 11 am

What about Sabbath Schools and prayer meetings? Unfortunately, those too will have to take a break from meeting in-person. For now, we encourage everyone to meet via phone or on zoom, but for now, all in-person meetings will not meet indoors at church. Please check with your Sabbath School Teacher to see if they will meet online/zoom. The kids Sabbath Schools are meeting. Click here for the link to kids zoom meetings. 


I highly encourage everyone to once again renew those personal relationships by connecting with others, whether that be on the phone, zoom, or outdoor home gatherings (weather permitting), etc. We may be distanced from one another, but we can still connect in different ways. 


This Covid Restriction is obviously disappointing, although not a surprise. It does do my heart good to know how much we love our church family and find worship with one another sweet. Praise the Lord that we mourn each other’s absence, Amen?!! But times are such that our conference has asked us to comply with the county guidelines. Let us pray that this restricted time is short-lived. 


If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our office staff will still be available during office hours, and Pastor Andrew and I are available outside office hours. 




Pastor Jeff